OwnPages Affiliate program

OwnPages' recently launched affiliate program not only lets you make commissions on your references, but on their references to a total of 3 levels. The preferences page in your OwnPages console has an option to convert your account to reseller status which when done converts the invite tab into a full reseller tool page. The invite link generates an email message with a unique link, which if used to sign up to our services provides commission to you. This link can be embedded in forums and web sites too.

The current commission is 15% divided between the direct referrer (9%), referring account referrer (3%), its referrer (1%) and the referred account (2%). One way to understand it is this way: You get 9% of revenues directly referred by you, 3% of revenues referred by your referees and 1% of their referees. Your reference gets 2% discount on payments.

One fun fact not mentioned on the web site is that we are working on letting you alter these levels. I.e. you can ask for the various levels to be altered, within the overall 15% limit. I.e. if you would like the entire 15% of revenues of you references to be paid out to you, you can ask us (via email) to do so. That may be short sighted though, since then you would not get commission for references generated by your references.

You can even ask for the entire commission amount to be given to the party being referred, effectively letting you provide a discount to your referees.

There is one caveat though: Once the default commission structure is altered for an account, it can never again be altered for the life of the account. This automatically rules out changing the commission structure on a case to case basis.

More details on this page: - http://www.ownpages.com/referralop.php

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