Tutorial: Creating users and extensions in OwnPages

OwnPages modifies Asterisk GUI to separate the concept of user and extension. In Ownpages a user is a person or a role that can have one email address but multiple PBX extensions. It allows you create users and extensions and to associate a user with one or more extensions. Below is a brief tutorial on creating users and extensions in OwnPages.


Tutorial: Adding new outgoing service (trunk) in OwnPages using Asterisk GUI

After OwnPages is set-up, the Asterisk instance in the OwnPages server is started and you are ready to make outgoing calls. OwnPages provides you with default trunk (outgoing phone service) through which you can make your outgoing calls. This post shows how you can use Asterisk GUI to create a new trunk in OwnPages if you have another outgoing service provider or want to add a phone gateway.


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