Impress your friends: tell the difference between a PBX and a dialer

Both are phone systems. A dialer is for teams of people who are on the phone all the time. Such people are usually called tele-agents. A PBX is for people who need to do other things apart from dealing with calls. Accordingly the following differences emerge:


Kick butt on your predictive campaigns - Vicidial settings demystified

First a note on the term. In predictive dialing the dialer tries to look ahead and predict when one of your agents is likely to be free, and dials ahead of the fact to reduce agent waiting time. It bases its prediction on the average length of conversation and the average time taken to connect a new call. Since these two measures are based on averages, it works better for larger teams and often fails to keep idle time low for small ( to 5 agents) and medium (5 - 40) teams unless tweaked. This post explains some of the tweaks provided by Vicidial.


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