New demo offer

So ok, we have run out of incoming numbers to give away free. We have now transitioned to a new demo system.


How asterisk saved our lives aka Howto save yours

In 2005 after many years of using a standard hardware EPABX, we shifted to Asterisk. This post details why we did so.


Howto - High Performance Diskless Desktops using NFS Caching


1. Introduction

2. Audience

3. Install pilot machine

3.1: Setting up an test machine
3.2: Setting up an diskless directory on NFS
3.3: Compile a kernel

4. Configure

4.1: Configure Pxelinux,Tftp,Dhcp
4.2: Editing fstab

5. Test

5.1: Test first diskless desktop

6. Optimise

6.1: Creating swap
6.2: Fs-caching
6.3: Kernel parameters tuning
6.4: Optimizing start-up scripts

7. Replicate the diskless machines

7.1: Replicate onto other directories

8. Benchmarks

8.1: Benchmarks and performance testing:


1. Introduction

Diskless desktops give better manageability and central control. Read this link for some reasons to use diskless servers, arguments equally valid for diskless desktops.

However diskless desktops often suffer from performance issues, and if they number more than about 20, they are also prone to network congestion and NFS server load.

This tutorial will help you setup high performance diskless desktops employing NFS-caching, a feature of kernel 2.6.30 onwards. FS-cache allows NFS resident files to be cached locally on a USB stick or hard disk transparently to the user. For more info on fs caching visit this link


Why we designed OwnPages

OwnPages Mail and PBX components followed different histories, recounted below. Apologies for the length of this post.


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