New demo offer

So ok, we have run out of incoming numbers to give away free. We have now transitioned to a new demo system. We give you shared DID numbers. You need to make an outgoing call from OwnPages to a number, to let that number be able to call you back. Its not as bad as it sounds, just use OwnPages to call and let people know of your new incoming phone service, and they will be able to call you back. That said, there are some disadvantages of new demo system:

1. A little more complex for you.
2. In some cases the same number may be called by two OwnPages demo-ees. In such cases the second will have to be allocated a second DID just for this number, and will be informed by email about the new DID.

On the other hand, we have some good news too: We will be giving away unrestricted DIDs to those demo-ees that ask for it in the forums. We should be able to provide DIDs to almost all countries for which they are available (whereas previously they were given just from US/UK).

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