Announcing the hourly hosted dialer for 40 to 220 agents

We are excited to announce availability of 40 seat ViciDail dialers @ USD2.5/hr. This may be a more manageable option to scaling than using the multi server dialer. Running costs are a tad more than the multiserver setup using 10 seater servers - USD2.5/hr in that option would give you a capacity of 46 agents. However a single server is easier to setup and configure.

We charge USD180 one time to install this server, so it is cheaper to setup too than a multiserver setup of 10 seaters where you pay USD90 for each slave server.

You can switch to using this server with your settings intact by sending an email to the helpdesk at services (at) We will request you to keep at least USD180 in your prepay account before you ask to switch.

This 40 seat server can also be combined into a multi server setup for a total capacity of 220 agents

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