Why OwnPages?

OwnPages PBX, Mail and Contact Centre system focuses on software customization rather than shiny new hardware. It is a hybrid Amazon EC2 hosted/ inhouse virtualized solution that lets you start fast and at dramatically lower cost. OwnPages lets you outsource your headaches while still maintaining control of your systems.


Why no new hardware?

We have nothing against shiny new hardware, however OwnPages lets you begin without any. Over time you could add hardware and let your communication system grow with you. This reduces your sense of risk when starting out on your new communications project.


Why virtualized?

  1. To abstract the OS. The best software tools are available in a range of platforms, and virtualization reduces the complexity associated with managing them.
  2. To improve uptime. When your server fails, just run OwnPages on another. Even a desktop will do for a while.


Why Amazon EC2?

  1. Allows us to host your systems with hourly billing, and yes, in many cases it is possible to switch off your systems when not in use.
  2. Scalable storage and processing power
  3. Allows a seamless hybrid solution of off-site hosting and on-site virtualization that gives you the power of the cloud while maintaining  your control over your system.

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